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2015 on Goodreads - Various

239 books
Average rating 4.1



The top 5 and dead tree owned:
1) [bookcover:The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal|24684698]
2) [bookcover:Jackdaw|22885333]
3) [bookcover:The Lightning-Struck Heart|24468673]
4) [bookcover:The Shearing Gun|23004152]
5) [bookcover:Evenfall: Volume 2: Director's Cut|20926136]

(The whole ICoS series really but this was my favourite)


Second half of my top 10 and to one day own in dead tree format:
6) [bookcover:A Fashionable Indulgence|23834716]
7) [bookcover:Bloodline|23202149]
8) [bookcover:Ride Steady|23341855]
9) [bookcover:Carry the Ocean|23110300]
10) [bookcover:Sutphin Boulevard|25404499]


2015's biggest reading highs for me were anything by KJ Charles. With each new book I'm blown away by her writing. 'The Secret Casebook' is a book that for one reason or another I still can't stop thinking about. I have everything crossed that one of my favourite characters from that book will find themselves with a book that takes place in the roaring 20's come 2016. It would make my reading year.


'The Lightning-Struck Heart' is one of the most fun books I've ever read and I managed to get two reads in 2015.


'Carry the Ocean' knocked my socks off and was incredibly enlightening, really recommend it.


It also wouldn't be right if I didn't have a KA in my top 10 and the boys from Chaos totally came through in 2015 with 'Ride Steady'!


My 2015 top Stereks:
1) [book:Won't Do Me No Good Washing in the River|23309076]
2) [book:Adore to See Your Eyes Fly|23366643]
3) [book:I Know Where Babies Come From, Derek|25071759]
4) [book:with bloody feet across the hallowed ground|18808972]
5) [book:Play It Again|18625548]
6) [book:The Weight Of Living|23549126]
7) [book:Promise You'll Look After Him|24723134]
8) [book:Tiny Houses|23365840]


This years fan fiction reading was a lot less dramatic than last years (thank goodness) and after a shaky start I really got into it again. It's not for everyone and I totally respect that but I for one love Sterek and I just noticed today that my 2015 favourites are way dark. 'Won't Do Me No Good Washing in the River' still haunts me and it's almost a year since I read it. DiscontentedWinter (aka Lisa Henry) also spoiled Sterek fans in 2015 and 'I Know Where Babies Come From, Derek' was amazing. Can't wait for more.


Every year I have a fair amount of rereads. My favourite series of all the series ever is Nalini Singhs Psy-Changeling series. No matter how many times I read this series it still remains my most adored. [book:Kiss of Snow|8712343] and [book:Heart of Obsidian|15781026] are by far the best in series but I do love each one for different reasons.



As usual I also reread a crap load of Kristen Ashley in 2015. The Colorado Mountain series is probably still my favourite. Tate and Ty being the main reason. YUM!! But with the release of [book:Hold On|25664796] in 2015 I found myself rereading The 'Burg series. A series I didn't love the first time around but adored this time. Well, except for [book:The Promise|15817542] which is still disappointing.



And last but not least. In 2015 I discovered the magic of [author:Mary Calmes|3152411]. I'm still trying to work my way through her backlist. Mary is escapism and ridiculous and fun and just all round epic.


Top 5 MC in 2015:
1.[book:Fit to be Tied|26090682]
2.[book:All Kinds of Tied Down|22402178]
5. [book:After the Sunset|12204007]