The Wolf Inside

The Wolf Inside - DiscontentedWinter This was an fantastic follow-up to [b:Little Wild Animal|25510287|Little Wild Animal|DiscontentedWinter||45289918]. Alex was a total scene robber in that and so deserved have a story.

"I think you're perfect. I think that if sometimes you feel like you're and boy and sometimes you feel like you're a girl, that's okay. That's who you are. And I love every part of you."

My favourite thing about his story is the support Alex gets from Jason and the Hales (especially Derek and Peter). The most difficult thing about it was seeing Alex get truly lost and reading about teenagers being little shits who deserve to be punched in the face. With a chair.

Oh and the other thing that was no fun to read? Gerard Argent. DW manages to make him a bigger asshole than he was in the show. That's pretty assholeish.

Really enjoyable and all kinds of angsty at times but fear not, there is a HEA!


Seriously, they are so adorable it's ridiculous!!