A Very D Christmas

A Very D Christmas - Jane Seville It was nice to see D get some family but this was a bit meh for me.

For one D called his ex wife Sheila and I'm pretty sure her name was Sharon.


I think the idea of highlighting bullying was really admirable but I'm not sure it worked for D and Jack's story and nothing seemed to be resolved. Plus side though, D and Jack weren't fighting in this and there they were kinda cute.

"You’re family, you’re gay…”


“You’re kinda gay? Is that like being a little bit pregnant?”

“Well – I’m not exactly waving rainbow flags over here.”

“You don’t have to be. Are you sexually attracted to men?”

D harrumphed. “To you.”

“Don’t bullshit me, D. You’re not fooling anybody that you watched Fight Club six times in a week to ponder the nihilistic subtext.”

He had him there. Brad Pitt had some goddamned abs in that movie. “All right, yeah.”


He is not wrong!!!!