Mine - Mary Calmes “I never told anyone about waking in the night to him standing over me with a knife. It was small, one of my switchblades, chosen for carving, not stabbing, but still sharp, still able to kill me.

He was breathing hard, stroking himself and looking at me with glazed eyes.

"Whatcha doin', babe?" I asked him, voice calm, swallowing down my fear, reaching for him.

He didn't even see me, intent on my chest, tugging and pulling on his hard, heavy cock, his breath catching, his body trembling.

I waited and he let go. His seeping dick twitched as he bent toward me, his slick left hand went down on my sternum, the other holding the knife like a scalpel.

"What're you gonna do?" I asked, reaching for him, my fingers closing around his hard, wet length.

"Carve my name on your skin so everyone knows you're mine.”



That was interesting.

Pretty much everyone in this is cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs and strangely I think that Landry while being the most emotionally unstable might actually have been the most sane.

Landry and Trevan's relationship isn't at all healthy. Trevan describes it perfectly:

"Our relationship was a twisted, codependent mess, but it worked for us, and within the snarl that it was, we functioned pretty well."

And they really do, they fit so well together and I honestly don't think that Landry would have survived without Trevan. Trevan's support system is vast but even those relationships are a little unhealthy. His loyalty kind of has the capacity to undo him but he does not sway.

The most cray, cray of them all in this book was Conrad. He was also incidentally my favourite.

"Sometimes just breathing the same air as you soothes me, and sometimes I get this overwhelming urge to snap your neck. When I want to see you, I see you; when I want to kill you, I walk away. Some people I don't walk away from, T, so never let anyone tell you that you're not special. You are very fuckin' special."

A few people have mentioned that Conrad may well be getting his own story told and that is very exciting because as dysfunctional as Landry and Trevan are I think any romantic relationship with Conrad would be dysfunctional times a million. Oh I really hope he gets a book.

This had all the Mary Calmes markers but with a lot more crazy thrown in and I really loved it. My biggest complaint was that there wasn't more.