The Weight Of Living

The Weight Of Living - thecomedownchampion So when I started reading Sterek I hadn't watched the show. After reading a handful I decided to give it a go. Season 1 IMO was woeful. Just terrible but I kept going. I kept going because, well it's full of pretty people and it seems I am a little shallow. It's also got Derek and Stiles and what I like to think is buckets of sexual tension. As I watched Season 2 I was shocked and delighted to find it improving and then Season 3 hit.

Season 3 for me was awesome. Season 3B was epic. It was particularly epic because it was really all about Stiles and even better than Stiles? Evil Stiles!!!

This fic deals with the aftermath of 3B (with a little snippet of 4) and it was just amazing. The writing was lovely and the relationship development was lovely. It's short but I thought it was really beautiful.

"After the Nogitsune, it was like I was having a panic attack all the time. My chest felt tight and there was so much tension I felt like I could burst. But then you became my own personal inhaler. You didn't even have to do anything, but you made it easier to breathe. With you, Derek, there's nothing in the world easier than living "