"Here's a baby that smells like both of us, ergo it's ours. That's not how ergo works, Derek! Ergo needs proof!"

This was just awesome. It was clever and even though sometimes the time travel/parallel universe Stereks melt my brain. Read: most always melt my brain. I really like them. This one was particularly clever as it used that to hit me with the ninja feelz. I thought I was prepared. I was not. More ugly crying and I am a total masochist because it was an awesome way to spend a Friday night. I also had wine and crisps.

I want more but I'm too afraid to read [b:Don't Fail Me Now|24146378|Don't Fail Me Now|DiscontentedWinter||43736689] and that's the only one I haven't read.

I'll just wait patiently for more.*

*(It probably won't be patiently.)

I'm also really tempted to go through this and pull out all the 'wolf' names Stiles had for Derek. They were all adorable!!