I Feel We're Close Enough

I Feel We're Close Enough - samann98
Got to 50%. Not going to rate.

I can't read the words 'the young man' once more.

I can't deal with another 'I'll stay if you want me to stay' blah, blah, blah!!

I can't with the 'I love him but he could never love little ole me' blah, blah, blah!!



"While you were two were busy groping each other in the foam pit--" Jackson drawls but is cut off by warning looks from both Lydia and Erica. Derek resists the urge to cover his face with his hands and doesn't even chance a look over at Stiles.

Boyd finishes his thought, "We played a few games of dodgeball, found out we have some common interests, and we're all kind of friends now."

Derek does actually glance at Stiles this time to gauge his reaction; his friend looks absolutely ecstatic about this turn of events. "That's awesome!" He exclaims, wrapping his arms around Erica and Lydia. "You guys are all friends now; it's a miracle I never thought would happen."