The Lightning-Struck Heart

The Lightning-Struck Heart - Lesley Berk;Michael Berk;David Castle;Sue Lauder, T.J. Klune BR reread for Christmas with Susan, Marte, Doodle, Elsbeth, Heidi and Julie. Perfect holiday reading. Next up the audio! This book is just the best fun and pure comfort reading!

1st read - 20-23 July 2015
2nd read - 18- 28 December 2015



“You know I captured you and you’re my prisoners, right?"
“Did he?” I asked Gary.
“Well, we are tied up,” Gary said. “And not in the fun way.”
“I don’t want to know when you’ve been tied up in the fun way,” I told him.
He rolled his eyes. “Sam, you are such a prude.”
“Guys?” Lartin said. “I have a plan? That I need to tell you about? You need to listen.”
“I am not a prude,” I said to Gary. “Just because I don’t talk about… you know. Sex stuff. That doesn’t make me a prude.”
“Your face just turned red when you stuttered on the word sex,” Gary said. “I almost believed you.”
“I didn’t stutter.”
“You kind of stuttered,” Lartin said. Because he was an asshole who I was totally going to kick in the balls before the day was up.

Ridiculous, over the top, non stop punning and racing dialogue and I. LOVED. EVERY. SECOND.

About a quarter of the way through this I got very Monty Python feelings, Monty Python on crack. So you know? Mental. Almost 400 pages of mental. Is it too early for a reread do we think?

So Monty Python. Specifically The Holy Grail, hence the giffage. I couldn't get it out of my head especially when the gang came upon monologuing villains or argued with each other or even not using horses (cause it's racist don't you know?) made me think Python and I really think there should have been coconuts, the lack of coconuts was disappointing.

“My name is—”
“Don’t care,” I said.
He glared at me. “Don’t be rude.”
I sighed. “Sorry. Go ahead.”
“My name is Wan the Dark Hunter,” he said, squaring his shoulders.
I waited.
He looked at me, clearly expecting a reaction.
I waited some more.
“So,” he said, “that name should have inspired fear in you. You don’t look very fearful.”
I shrugged. “I don’t know who you are.”


Also very disappointing that no villains got their limbs cut off.

Sam, Gary and Tiggy are my new favourite everything. Their adventures are adventures I really, really want to go on but I'm way happy to just be a causal observer. For reasons. But really all the characters make this the over the top joy that it was. The only one that I wanted to be killed with a ball of hell fire was Justin and he served a purpose. A ridiculously UST purpose.


If you have read any TJ Klune before you will recognise some similarities between the cast of this and previous book characters, but because of this setting, we get to see characters with absolutely no leashes and therefore they get to be totally outrageous. Outrageous like Gary the gay hornless unicorn. I can't even with Gary. I loved everything that came out of his mouth, even when he and Kevin were being utterly inapropro and scarred my brain he was still full of awesome.

“Oh calm the fuck down, Griselda,” Gary snapped. “We’re the only ones here, you ancient she-beast. You need to check yourself before you wreck yourself.”

Quotes like that made me lose my shit laughing. Gary is highly quotable and I have an urge to drop random quotes of his into real life conversations. That is one such quote. Replacing the name obviously! I have literally highlighted most of this book. It is literally the most highlighted book I've ever owned.

So The Lightning-Struck Heart is funny as all get out but as is TJ's way, there were ninja feelz and these ninja feelz felt more ninja than usual. This is many things, it's mainly comedy yes, it's comedy romance and a frustrating comedy romance at that. But it's also about loyalty and friendship and family and a lot of the time, the moments where Sam is hurt it was friends and family who brought the feelz and it was really very beautiful.

“There’s someone out there for you,” he said. “Someone who will love your hair and your words and your eyes and the way you still scrunch up your nose when you’re thinking hard on something. He will love you for all of the things that you are and all of the things you aren’t. He’ll love you beyond all reason and will be convinced that you hung the sun and moon. He will see the stars and wish for only you. Someone will love every single part of who you are, and my gods, I can’t wait for the day to meet him to tell him thank you.”

But mainly this has made me think about the logistics of a dragon and a unicorn doing the nasty. It's pretty much all the nookie we get until like the last 5% so it stays with you. I really need to stop thinking about it. Like I need to stop bad. Stupid Kevin. Stupid Gary.

I can't wait for more from this world and it has, for sure, been set up for more but to tide me over I need a TMIR reread and a Monty Python and The Holy Grail rewatch.

“Spaghetti face!” Tiggy cried. “Wizard Spaghetti Face.”
“He capitalized it,” Gary said. “Now it’s forever.”
“That’s a stupid fucking rule,” I grumbled.