Sixty Five Hours

Sixty Five Hours - N.R. Walker Epic BR with Leafmarkians.


"Sweet baby Jesus, he had perfect toes."

I am not a fan of feet. They are all sorts of yucky so of course I found myself reading a book that has a guy with a foot fetish. But this wasn't yucky and it actually contained lots of my most favourite thing. That amazing foot covering invention.


This was adorable and sweet and it was so much fun.

It was also HAWT!!!

"You're gonna kill me," he said, his voice thick with desire.

I pulled his shirt open and leaned down to peck his lips.

"Many deaths," I whispered, my nose touching his. "Many, many deaths."

My goodness. With the toys and the dirty talk. JESUS!!

Can't wait to read the Christmas short.


And I added all the socks that were worn in my updates. Oscar the Grouch was only mentioned not worn but it feels wrong not including him.