The Worst Thing I Ever Did

The Worst Thing I Ever Did - RemainNameless

One of the end of chapter tags: unhealthy levels of dependency

No shit!!

This really isn't that angsty and is actually about 70% smex (and very good smexy at that) but all the miscommunication and insecurity and major, major man pain was tough for me. I think I could have handled Derek's man pain if we had a little of his POV. I just felt that Stiles' magic penis wasn't enough to fix all that seemed to be wrong with Derek. He needs a counselor or a psychiatrist or any kind of mental health professional. Usually I don't take Derek man pain so to heart but this one hurt. The mere mention of Kate and waiting for Stiles to be older!! It just killed.

I dunno, this one just left me frustrated and sad. Give me all the pain and angst you got but give me resolution.