Welcome to the Dark Side

Welcome to the Dark Side - James   Cox BR with the fabulously dirty minded Susan

For those of you with a fear of David Bowie I urge you to back away from this review. This is no place for you. From the second I started this the epic movie that is the Labyrinth came to mind and try as I might it would not leave. In the end I did what needed to be done and went with it. What follows is a shed load of Bowie goodness.

So there is dude called Anarchy/Jareth. He is like the ruler of Hell.

Anarchy/Jareth comes across a young buck called Josh.

Anarchy/Jareth is a total Dom.

I guess that comes with the job.

Josh is a total Sub.

Some mega hotness soon follows!!

Josh may well be Anarchy/Jareth's soul mate.

But Anarchy/Jareth loves Josh so much that he decides to save him.

But love conquers all in the end.

This was hot and a lot of fun and I am totally reading more from this author.