Goat Suckin': Hotter Than It Sounds

Goat Suckin': Hotter Than It Sounds - Dixon Heurass Goat Suckin': Hotter Than It Sounds

Ummmm no. It is not hotter than it sounds.

As part of Weird Shit Wednesday.

I'm giving it 2 stars because I was happy with the ending.

The rest of it??

I paid for this you know?

Who is the idiot do you think?
Yes. It is I putting my hand up enthusiastically to that question not Hermione Granger. (Randomly off topic: I really need to watch all the Harry Potter's again.)

When I wasn't being grossed out or confused I was bored. There are only 15 pages so that is quite an achievement.

But the ending. What an ending. Couldn't of happened to a nicer fellow.

And I enjoyed doing the updates for this one. Finding the waxing GIF made me happy. They are down below.

*See what I did there?*