Gay Dragon Fun Times (Anthro Dragon, Gay Erotica): (Paranormal Sexy Times)

Gay Dragon Fun Times (Anthro Dragon, Gay Erotica): (Paranormal Sexy Times) - Sinn Lee So it's that time again. Another Weird Shit Wednesday is upon us, where do the weeks go I ask you?

This weeks edition brings us the story of a hunter who stumbles upon a humanoid looking dragon (thank god) who is meditating or some shit because he is in heat and has no mate!

All standard enough so far!

Said dragon decides our hunter is his mate and proceeds to jack him up on his aphrodisiac venom thus turning our innocent hunter into a junky, taking his "virgin rosebud" by doing some impressive things with his "slithering" tongue, tells our drugged up hero that he needs consent and because said hero was so high he just tells Mr Dragon to get the fuck on with it, dragon does his business and then eats our hero.

No just kidding.

He doesn't eat our hero.

He totally should though because our hero is way too stupid to live.

Anyways. This is not the worst addition to Weird Shit Wednesday, but the words "virgin rosebud" were used and I couldn't think of much else afterwards.

Also not a fan of all the slithering tongue stuff!
(Huh, a 'How to train your dragon' gif, how apropos!)

For the record I did try to look for a gif or a pic of some dragon porn for this review but it started to ruin my nice little wine buzz so I decided it wasn't worth it.