Daylight Again

Daylight Again - S.E. Jakes So if [b:Long Time Gone|17936957|Long Time Gone (Hell or High Water, #2)|S.E. Jakes||25147493] felt like Tommy's book then 'Daylight Again' very much feels like Prophets book and things are really beginning to come to a head with the ongoing John plot.

The start of this book was a bit rough for me, mainly because I was genuinely surprised by the whole Lansing thing.

The story is really heating up and I love the way everything is coming together and we are now beginning to see the bigger picture. I also loved the secondary characters yet again, those being Prophet's old SEAL team. I'm sure there will be lots more of them to come and I. CANNOT. WAIT.

This does kind of get angsty in places again but I think that's one of the great things about these books, there is lots of laugh out loud moments and there is sometimes frustration and there is romance (well Prophet and Tommy romance which is very unique) and there is heartache. The majority of the angst in this surrounds a secret that Prophet has been keeping and the guilt that he has carried for over 10 years in regards to John. It's only in this book that I realised all that Prophet has to lose and it was just heartbreaking.

I am now desperate for Prophet to get his HEA with Tommy and Remy.

As usual there is all kinds of hot action going on and it's extra hot because there is total trust between Tommy and Prophet now. The action after their very brief abstinence was just. Wow.

I seriously cannot describe how much I love this series and most of all these men. They are just amazing.
Tommy and Prophet?

And now I have to wait until August for the novella [b:Not Fade Away|20700010|Not Fade Away (Hell or High Water, #3.5)|S.E. Jakes||40019649] and October 26 for [b:If I Ever|20700013|If I Ever (Hell or High Water, #4)|S.E. Jakes||40019653]