Ravaged By A Unicorn: (Unicorn Erotica)

Ravaged By A Unicorn: (Unicorn Erotica) - Hunter Fox So uniporn? How bad can it be?

I'm pretty sure that I am traumatised.

That was? That was? Wow.......

But I did laugh on numerous occasions, mainly because I couldn't believe what was actually happening, both in terms of plot and writing.

I would like to blame/thank Kat, Tina and Britta for this one. The reason it even got a star is because of you ladies and the discussions that were had surrounding it!

So the saddest part of all this for me?

This is my 'Huggable Unicorn' that my friend got me because we all talk about unicorns more than you would think.

He is lavender scented and he is supposed to cheer me up when needed, he has sat on my day-bed in my reading room for months and has helped guide me through the rough reading times.

Now I'm going to have to hide him under the bed for a while because I just can't look at him the same way ever again.