Hot Head

Hot Head - Damon Suede This was beautiful. From the dedication to the last sentence. A beautiful love story that had me laughing, crying and smiling like an idiot throughout.

Griff and Dante are all things awesome. I can't even begin to pick a favourite between them so I am not going to try. They are both equally amazing.

Griff's capacity for love was outstanding, he seemed to do it with absolutely everything that he had and in doing so left little behind for himself. His lack of confidence and care for himself was heartbreaking. I spent 90% of the book desperate to hug him and tell him that he deserved everything he wished for. That he really was good enough and special enough. His love was fierce but it was also a quite thing, still the people who he gave that love to were more than aware of it. Once Griff loved. He loved. Nothing and nobody was going to change that, even thinking that his love for Dante would push him away he could do nothing but stay on that course.


Dante on the other hand had bags of confidence but as we slowly discover that confidence is somewhat shaken when it comes to showing Griff his heart. His love, while equally as fierce as Griff's was wild, loud and in your face, this is particularly clear when his possessive side came out. Dante only feared one thing and that was losing Griff, in everything else he showed bravery, owning his decisions and not fearing what people would think. He was an amazing character and a joy to read.

Put both of these men together and you have?


I have to mention Chapter 2. The entire chapter deserves mentioning because it was outstanding. The imagery was fantastic, the introduction of the Anastagio's and how they 'kidnapped' Griff as a member of the family, the development of Griff and Dante's friendship and the absolute heartbreak and horror of 9/11. The chapter started out with hope and joy and ended in fear and destruction. It was amazing. The 9/11 stuff was so graphic. I think maybe that's because we will always remember it and the pictures associated with it for the rest of our lives, so seeing it through Griffs eyes, it seems much clearer. His search for Dante was difficult to read, mainly because his fear of losing Dante was palpable. This chapter really was just incredible.

The porn website stuff was actually all pretty good and also I should mention HAWT. It was a clever way of enabling Griff and Dante to tentatively investigate their feelings for each other. I really didn't think I was going to like Alek, I was of the same opinion as Griff and thought he was going to be a total sleazeball but in the end he was to me a really, really likable, insightful and sweet guy.

The Tommy storyline was more heartbreak, I think it was important though especially because as much as I wish it wasn't the case, what happened to him is all too frequent and many are not lucky enough to survive it.

I could gush about this book and the wonderful characters in it for ages, suffice it to say it is a must read. I can't wait for the next one but I am a total romantic and a dreamer and I don't want them to have any problems. I want sunshine and rainbows and love, lots and lots of love, but I know there will have to be some problems and drama so I will just have to mentally prepare.



It's all about the love.



The Anastagio's were just fabulous.
"Finally he wasn't wishing for the imaginary family he'd always wanted - it had kidnapped him"

Griff's general use of language was great
"Jesus, Mary and Joseph Kennedy"

"Jesus H. Christmas"

Nicole to Griff on Dante being bored in the bank, I loved this quote because it highlights that kids often see things that adults don't.
"Nuh-uh. He's not bored." Nicole gave her diagnosis of her other patient. "He just misses you." She patted his massive shoulder with her tiny hand.

Dante being amazing.
"Never in my life have I wanted to come back to bed, G." Dante touched Griff's jaw, copper stubble rasping under his fingers. "Why haven't you been here all along? In my bed, I mean. I can't fucking remember what took me so long to find my way to you."

Beth (the pushy pixie) she was excellent and well able for Dante.
"Like you're a rabid Dalmiation and he's a hydrant? Macho territorial bullshit. Nothing new to me, Tonto. Why don't you piss on him if it will make you feel better?" Beth rolled her eyes. "For the record, I'm not angling for your man, genius. He has the wrong parts.

I love this quote and the image it creates. I had to add it. For some reason every time I read it I want to cry.
"Over Brooklyn, over Manhattan, even over Ground Zero, the sky was darkening and the sun smoldering golden. Smoke and fire. Like ten years after the world had ended, the whole crazy city was sitting down to dinner with thankful survivors. Like New York was grateful too."

Important point:

One of the nicest and the saddest things in this book was the presence of 9/11 throughout, not only in the obvious references to it but also in the subtle ones. Griff likening himself and Dante as 'Two towers, alone together', Griff feeling like he was the 344th ghost, the mention of the 72 NYPD officers who also died, and 'Fire and Smoke' (and the many more besides) they were a really lovely dedication to a heartbreaking event. Also the dedication itself was really beautiful.

"To all the heroes of September 11, 2001
who helped when there was nothing
and hoped when there was none.
We remember.