Wild Man

Wild Man - Kristen Ashley Originally read 5 to 7 July 2013 (4 Stars)

Reread 12 to 16 February 2014 (4.5 Stars)

Possible Spoilers!

This is a good addition to this series. I really liked Tess and Brock, they were a sweet couple and Brock was indeed wild and very, very alpha.

I particularly liked how this book started, it was a great set up for Tess and Brock's story. The insight into Tess's past was heartbreaking and her catching sight of herself in the mirror has stuck in my mind. It was very sad and I wish that there was someone there who could of given her a hug. She seemed so alone. Even more so after the confrontation with Brock.

So fast forward 3 months and we have ourselves a physically improved Tess icing a cake in her kitchen. A knock on the door comes and in walks Brock all alpha bad ass pissed off because she has a 'for sale' sign on her front lawn, he then notices that Tess has lost weight and lost her glasses in favour of contacts and this makes alpha bad ass pissed off Brock WAY more pissed off. Brock has decided that Tess has had enough time to get over the events that brought them together and he has decided that they are going to discuss everything and put it behind them.

See Brock Lucas is an interesting one. He seems to be incapable of believing himself in the wrong (we kind of saw that in 'Mystery Man') and even though this is an annoying trait and one that I particularly dislike in people I found I could forgive him this as he has made a lot of sacrifices for the things that he believes in. Mainly the war on drugs in Denver which lets face it is a fairly noble cause and not really one that you can argue with. I found I just couldn't not like him. I had one issue with him and that was I didn't like how he spoke in front of his kids at times, not how he spoke to them but the fact that they were in the room when he was going off on one at their mother (of course she was going off on one as well and was way worse) but I just felt bad for the boys. I know it was an impossible situation because often Olivia wanted them to see the drama but it was just seemed so wrong.

Overall though Brock was fairly great, once he and Tess settled a bit you could see he was a great father, fiercely loyal and incredibly protective. He was so sweet and caring with Tess and I loved how he reassured her after she lost control. They were both really supportive of each other and I loved that there was no BS with them. They talked about what needed to be talked about and didn't play games. You couldn't help but want to see them and everyone around them happy. It was sweet.

I adored Brock's family, even Levi (mainly because he got his head out of his ass eventually). The kids were all adorable and sweet and they all just took Tess in as soon as they met her. It was cute. How Tess behaved with all of Brock's family especially his dad was also very sweet. She is just a sweetheart.

Really enjoyed this one and on reread it got a little bump up for me. This was mainly due to Tess I think. She is just a good person. A good person that something horrible happened to. She didn't become bitter or mean. She retreated somewhat from life but was kind and sweet and she was exactly what Brock needed after the nasty things that he had seen and done. He was also exactly what she needed to feel safe and loved and begin to live her life.

Hector, Vance, Hank and Eddie cameo's in this one. Love all four of these guys so that was most welcome.

A small Gwen cameo which I could of done without, especially as she stuck her ore in where it didn't belong. A good hit of Elvira which was welcome because she is funny and Daisy and Shirleen who I also love so enjoyed seeing them pop up again.