Archangel's Blade

Archangel's Blade  - Nalini Singh One of the things that I am most chicken about when it comes to my books is over-angst. I will read the angsty but they tend to hurt my heart and it is unlikely I will ever read them again. So. How can something so angst ridden have gotten not just a re-read but also a place on my favourites list? Truth is. I have no idea. Nalini Singh tends to write the heartbreaking and I tend to cry so much I give myself a headache and then I read it again and again. It is a mystery but it is a mystery I am happy to just ride out.

I knew from Dmitri's introduction that his story was going to be difficult, I was just unprepared for the level of pain that he endured. Add in all that was Honor's story and you have yourself a real honest to goodness nightmare. This series is dark, it does after all deal with a world of immortals and the violence and pain that they inflict on each other and humans. In the previous books we got to see how the horror that happened to Elena and Raphael when they were young has shaped them, we see how they live with the nightmare, through the eyes of both the mortal and the immortal. In 'Archangel's Blade' we see how two adults endure and survive the nightmares and Nalini makes those nightmare brutal. I thought that Elena's were difficult to comprehend. Dmitri's and Honor's are another level of cruel.

Massive Spoiler!!!
I know that some of the mixed reviews about this story surrounded the reincarnation angle, I can totally see why it bothers some people, I guess it would seem that it is not Honor but Ingrede that Dmitiri sees in the end. But to me it is made very clear that Honor is different than Ingrede in every way but for the eventual realisation that the dreams she was having were in fact memories. Dmitri is a different man to the one Ingrede loved, no longer the farmer who fell in love a thousand years before. I don't doubt that he knows that and that the women he fell in love with is very much Honor even though she holds the memories of what he had before. Honor is what he needs after a thousand years of mourning and waiting. She is strong, she is brave, she is a hunter and she can understand and love the man that is a blade for an archangel. The echo's of Indgrede for Honor mean that she survived what came before, that she can trust, rely and give herself one hundred percent to Dmitri. The changes that she began to go through from the minute she met him show that. To me it's like Ingrede was a guide who brought them together and made sure that they understand each others pain and share memories but that the rest is up to them. It's probably a terribly romantic way to look at it but I think it is why I love this story so much.

There is not a lot that I can say without giving the story away but it is one of my favourites and it really is worth a read. Another awesome Nalini Singh book. The women is just magic.