Better Than Friends (Better Than Stories)

Better Than Friends (Better Than Stories) - Lane Hayes "His tattoos were a perfect juxtaposition to the otherwise uninterrupted fluidity of his manly physique."


I should of liked this book. Why you ask? Well we have ourselves a Harley riding, tattooed leather clad hot man. That's the kind of man I likes and Jack was likable in ways but for some unknown reason he likes Curtis the douche. That made me wonder about his ability to think clearly.

We first met Curtis in 'Better Than Good'. He was Matt's roommate and friend. He came across as sweet and a good friend when Matt needed him. In this we meet a selfish, opinionated, rude, arrogant little shit who is a completely unlikable character with absolutely no redeemable qualities whatsoever. I couldn't begin to care about his problems because he didn't seem to care about anybody else's.

I can't for the life of me see what Jack saw in him. That's not high maintenance Jack. That's a superiority complex.

Add to all that the same issues I had with the last book and the use of the word 'member' which surprisingly was only 4 times but it felt like a lot more as every time it was mentioned I was in danger of throwing my iPad across the room, I'm amazed I finished it.

Oh and Paul, how could I almost forget the secondary love interest? Well it is because Paul is one of the most uninteresting and unnecessary characters ever. Paul was British and liked Jazz. That's about all I learned about Paul. He worked somewhere and traveled a lot but I couldn't bring myself to retain the information.