A Case of Spirits (A Charm of Magpies)

A Case of Spirits (A Charm of Magpies) - K.J. Charles So when this arrived on my Kindle yesterday morning and I was all like "Oh I'm totally going to save this for a crappy day." and "I'm really not that excited about it."

But I don't think I was really all that cool, because I caved pretty darn quickly and started it.

Then I read
"My lover. My shaman. My bloody-minded, obstinate, slippery Stephen."


"Merrick had been out on the lash."

And I was more like:

It's too short but that's only because I desperately want more of these two and Merrick.

Merrick has been on the gin. The consequences of this bender are NASTY!!

It's about eyes people. Eyes going BOOM!!

But Lucien and Stephen are all over figuring this case out.

What was particularly sweet about this was seeing how much Lucien and Merrick care about each other. Neither would admit it outright of course but we get to see a lot of caring in this story.

Lucien and Stephen are super adorable as usual. We don't get much of them as a couple and no nookie at all but they are sweet when they are together and I didn't miss sexy time at all.

"In any case, my life has brought me here, with you, and I wouldn't want to be elsewhere."


I have [b:Feast of Stephen|23715483|Feast of Stephen (A Charm of Magpies #3.5)|K.J. Charles|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1418108065s/23715483.jpg|43325382] left to read and that's is it, series finished.

I love this series. I love these men. My all time favourite paranormal/historical series. I wish there was more. I wish it bad.

*I have no clue why with all the Zooey Deschanel gifs. I think it could have something to do with the eyes thing.