Review: Provoked (Enlightenment #1)

Provoked (Enlightenment) - Joanna Chambers

1st read - 26 October 2014

2nd read - 27 September 2016




"Just because you lose a battle, doesn't mean it was never worth fighting."


Goodness but I love this series. I loved it even more on the second read because now I KNOW!!!! I know what's to come. I know Murdo and I know David and I know that all is not lost. For me the Enlightenment series is just one big book. I first read it after all three were released and I'm not gonna lie, I would have a conniption if I'd had to wait for any of them. I'm not at all patient and I'm certainly not patient when it comes to David and Murdo. Even rereading them I just want to devour them so I can see what happens. I love me an historical and I especially love them when they are set in places I adore and I adore Edinburgh, to be honest I just love Scotland in general but Edinburgh has a very special feel to it. It's just dripping in history and it's really easy to picture David walking about the streets. I really want to organise a weekend and read these again while I'm there. Reading is dangerous for my bank account!!



Seriously, I love this series. It is pure comfort even when it's breaking my heart. It is beautifully written and a joy to read and it is just a wonderful and poignant love story.


"That night - that moment - had been the sweetest of all David's life. And if thinking that made him wicked and bound for hell, he wasn't sure he had it in him to repent. But Christ, it was bittersweet. More bitter than sweet, truth to tell. Sweet to know that for once in his life, he'd known such tenderness, but oh so bitter to know it would never come again."