Frozen Heart

Frozen Heart - Heidi Cullinan “I love how the reindeer gives him the carrot instead of eating it. It gives me hope this really will be like Tangled, funny but with a good message.”


Dude!! I love Tangled, like a lot, but let's not get carried away with the 'good message'. Baby girl gets kidnapped and every year for 18 years her parents show they continue to mourn her by setting lanterns into the sky along with all the people of their kingdom. Something she watches from her tower, where she is an unknown prisoner, and hopes to one day see the lantern spectacle without knowing it's really for her. Yes there are other messages but let us not forget the kidnapping and everyone losing out on 18 years shall we?



Kelly is weirder than I am about Disney movies. This is good to know.

Kelly’s hands slid up to Walter’s hair. His eyes fell to half-lidded, his mouth parted as he licked his lower lip. “Official trailer came out.”

Closing his mouth over Walter’s, Kelly kissed him like it was their last day on earth, and dragged him to the floor.


I have a Disney thing. I go to the cinema to see them all and I watch them over and over (unless it's the Lion King because my heart can't handle that) and I watch them with my nephews and nieces and tend to be the one reciting them line by line and they are the ones to tell me to shut up. I don't have posters and play sets but it's honestly not something that's outside the realm of possibility that this could happen one day. So this made me laugh, was ridiculously sweet and made me feel less crazy.

Bring on Frozen 2.