A Mended Man

A Mended Man - Jaime Reese image

I'm conflicted. I loved Aidan and Jessie in the previous books and to be honest I did love them in this but I didn't love this book as much as the last one in this series and I just wasn't as invested as I was in previous books. Both Aidan and Jessie's journeys are heartbreaking and what they endure, is at times, difficult to read. At the start I was excited about the section titles because I thought that it would be a story of love but also one of healing wounds that aren't visible and while it did do that in a way, I felt that some of that healing was a little superficial. I don't know how to describe it, but at times everything felt like it lacked depth.

I'm happy they got their HEA and I'm glad I read this but I am a little disappointed. Will I read the next one? Well I suspect that the random prisoner who popped up near the end and Drayton will be next so the answer is yes. Yes I will read the next one, because regardless of the fact that this one did not deliver, I like this series and I like these men and I'm a little bit hooked.