Shattered - DiscontentedWinter
"Later, he wants to pretend it took him a while to go inside, but that's a lie. He's drawn straight to the door, straight past the juiced-up bouncer, straight into the darkness and the stench of beer and the discordant twang of whatever shit Country music is blaring from the jukebox. Straight to Peter Hale, like he's being pulled into his orbit. Like Peter is the sun and Chris has been spinning for too long in the darkness."


"They're not the hunter and wolf in this moment. They're two men carrying more heartbreak than they should. Two men carved out and torn apart by loss and bitter experience. They're lonely, Chris thinks. They're lonely."


Most excellent Petopher.

This was absolutely brilliant. I want to quote the whole thing. I also want to reread it right away. The sexual tension?? Jesus!!!

I need more. I need so much more.