Bounty - Kristen Ashley

So basically I'm screwed when it comes to KA because even when things are driving me nuts I'm still falling in love with her characters and making sappy face when all the things are happening. So a couple of things that drove me nuts.

Poet's soul. I just ended up rolling my eyes every time Justice said it. I mean once or twice I would've thought it was sweet but she never shut up about it.

The sentences that were basically a labyrinth that I couldn't figure my way out of even after reading them over and over. I had to abandon a few of them to be honest and look, I know this be the KA way and I totally get that but on this occasion my poor brain felt battered.

All of Jussy's friends and family. Although I kind of liked Mr. T.

A cameo by basically everyone ever. I love the cameo's I really do. The Ally cameo in [b:Breathe|15742039|Breathe (Colorado Mountain, #4)|Kristen Ashley||21429192] being so exciting, I kid you not, I actually fell off a chair. But oh my goodness who wasn't mentioned in this? Nobody. That's who!!

So. That's a lot of stuff and it's not all of it either and yet 4 stars? What's the story with that you may ask!!

It's simple. I loved Deke and Justice and I got hours of enjoyment out of their story and I now feel like I could drywall an entire house (the amount of house renovations mentioned is kind of outrageous). But seriously, I just liked them. They were sweet and ridiculously in love and it felt like comfort reading.

I also adored the music in this book and listening to it while reading it really added to the experience and I can't get 'Simple Man' out of my head no matter how hard I try and because of that a mental picture of Deke is also stuck in my head and that I can totally live with.

At the moment it's not my favourite but it fit into the series really well and I see myself rereading a lot. Will Deke ever surpass Tate or Ty? It's very unlikely but he definitely surpasses Ham and that's the main thing!!