The Trojan Project

The Trojan Project - John T. Fuller, Richard Rider image

Well now. Sure that was only awesome!!

Sometimes you just want a book of short stories and this weekend was such a time. Some are like super duper short and absolutely beautiful.

Some are a nice length and enthralling, I'm looking at you 'Hellfire'. Or sad, 'Dorothy and Nora'. Or flat out can't stop laughing, 'Falling (On My Arse) in Love'. And there are a few that will probably stay with you for a while, 'Gepetto's Son' has kind of ruined me and I can't stop thinking about it.

The sausage will make sense once you get to 'The Trogan Project'. That story has also given me a new game to play in meetings. They might not feel so freakin' neverending now!!

I kind of feel that the name works for this book not only because of the short story it's called after but also because with that cover there may be some judging about what's inside and just like a Trojan horse what you find inside is very surprising!!

I'll be dipping in to read a few of these again and again. This is just a nice book to have on my kindle.