Honored Vow

Honored Vow - Mary Calmes Hmmm...

So, I didn't love this.

I think part of it might be that I have OD'd on Mary but the other part was that I can't wrap my head around how ridiculous Jin is.

Jin is basically the definition of 'too stupid to live' and this was made abundantly clear by about chapter 5. I just couldn't bring myself to care about him anymore, I was actually rooting for the bad guys on a couple of occasions and that's bad. I'm kind of over it now, but for realz, Jin is a fucking liability. And actually I judge all his tribe for constantly leaving him on his own after vowing to never leave him on his own. His tribe were the most wishy-washy crowd of people ever. I mean they let him out for runs in a territory full of hostiles. On more than one occasion. One of those occasions after somebody was sent to kill one of his people.

As mentioned in other reviews, there is no logic in this one. Full of the plot holes and just so very confusing. It wasn't my favourite but the next book is Domin and Yuri so I have no choice but to read. I really like them both but I need a Jin break or maybe I just need a little Mary break and then I'll come back to it.