Tangle of Need

Tangle of Need - Nalini Singh
“Maybe, just maybe, two broken people could manage to create something whole.”


2nd read - 18 March to 22 March 2013
3rd read - 10 May to 13 May 2014
4th read - 23 January to 26 January 2016

I go back and forth with this book a lot. Only by a star but still. This is a little like [b:Play of Passion|7831145|Play of Passion (Psy-Changeling, #9)|Nalini Singh|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1272490500s/7831145.jpg|10894547] inasmuch as it's kind of a filler for the next much anticipated book. What's different about it though is that we get a lot of Hawke and Sienna time, awesome DarkRiver/SnowDancer news that does not include the ever nauseating Sascha and Lucas (whom I really do love but that level of love and happiness can only be tolerated for so long. 11 books is too long!!), Kaleb and the books main couple Adria and Riaz.

I really loved Adria and Riaz, and I think I come to love them more each time I read this. The sexual tension was delicious and even though they both acted ridiculous (mostly Riaz) I still understood why there was so much drama. The mating bond, as explained in all the other books, is something that is considered magical and very special but what if things don't work out? Does the wolf wonder alone? Tangle of Need did a lovely job of showing that it's not always necessary. That a bond can be like the bond humans form and just as magical. I liked that.

“Life might hurt, might bruise, might forever scar, but it was for living.”


“I will love you until the day they put me in the earth.”

A lot happens in this book but none of it is actually that relevant to the upcoming battle that we all know is on it's way. Nalini Singh is really setting the Psy Civil War stage in this. And she sets it with 71 chapters. That's a lot of chapters. But the 'Retrieval' made it all worth it for me.