Sloe Ride

Sloe Ride - Rhys Ford

So I think this one was my favourite.

I liked Quinn and Rafe together a lot. How they dealt with each other and cared for one another was lovely. Rafe's love of everything that made Quinn, Quinn and Quinn's belief in Rafe. I enjoyed them. The Irishisms didn't seem to bother me as much in this and it made me cry. I think Quinn has been my favourite Morgan since he first appeared in Kane's workshop.

The brothers Morgan annoyed me at times though and I was a little confused about how things happened and what felt like random time jumps but for the first time the smexy time didn't confuse me and was a bit of alright.

Oh and 'Magpie' as a nickname?

Special animal shout out to Harley. Loved her and I kind of want a Cornish Rex now. They are ugly and adorable and stunning. How is that a thing??