Beware of Geeks Bearing Gifts

Beware of Geeks Bearing Gifts - Charlie Cochet There once was a grumpy arse SWAT agent who got shot on the job.

He was grumpy but he was also very, very hot!

And his wonderful baking capable geeky next door neighbour.

Who was very sweet and forgave out and out rudeness far too easily in my opinion.

They met in an interesting Captain America underpants kind of way and even though the SWAT agent was rude to the geek, the geek still brought our grumpy bear treats.

These treats naturally tamed the angry hot man and cuteness and fluff ensued.

All was well until a complete dickhead appeared and made me want to scream loudly and punch something.

(Knobhead actually kind of ruined this for me. He was just an asshole and I didn't feel he was needed.)

But our grumpy bear defended our adorable geek and all was well with the world.

This was cute, too short of course. Could have done with less Javier and more of Quinn's family in my opinion. The start felt very THIRDS like which was weird but only because I wanted someone to shift.

3.5 Stars