Better Than Safe

Better Than Safe - Lane Hayes "No one is really safe in this life. You aren’t alive if you’ve never been hurt. And you’ll never really live again unless you take a chance."

So you know what I get for being all judgemental and mean? An enjoyable read is what. It had members and it had Curt but neither really took away from the overall story which was engaging and fabulously easy reading.

It also had Seth. I think Seth is my new favourite Lane Hayes character. He is complicated and flaky and came off as rude at times but as the book progressed we get to see he is really kind of wonderful. I've a Seth crush.


Me and Paul got off to a very shaky start. He was still boring (he was super duper boring in Better Than Friends) but it turns out that's what Paul wanted me to see (silly Paul). He needed an Artist/Model/Musician to get in there and shake things up a bit. And boy did he. Seth and Paul were rather smexy together. Like OMFG smexy. Even the introduction of 'member' in these smexy times couldn't take away from it.

I gave out. I annoyed R * A Reader Obsessed * with my complaining (thanks for the BR dude) but I really did enjoy it all told. It might even be my favourite in the series and that's kind of shocking. This series is funny, it totally confuses me. I vowed to myself after Curt I'd never go back but I'm an addict and I couldn't give up. So glad I didn't.

I predict Rand and Tom next. I don't like either of them. At. All. I can't wait!!


Pre-read thoughts:

What I said about Paul in my review for [b:Better Than Friends|22267992|Better Than Friends (Better Than, #3)|Lane Hayes||41947281]:

"Oh and Paul, how could I almost forget the secondary love interest? Well it is because Paul is one of the most uninteresting and unnecessary characters ever. Paul was British and liked Jazz. That's about all I learned about Paul. He worked somewhere and traveled a lot but I couldn't bring myself to retain the information."

I've pre-ordered it.


It's like I want to punish myself.