Prickly Business

Prickly Business - Piper Vaughn, Kenzie Cade BR with Susan, Elsbeth and Kat on 31 July (Thanks for letting me moan!)

I very, very rarely say this about any book but...

I hated it!!


Loved the idea. I mean hedgehog shifter? That's just too adorable. Hedgehogs are adorable!!


But Avery was one of the most unlikable characters I've ever read. I guess he is supposed to start off as unlikable and we get to see him 'grow' but I found him horrid from beginning to end, in fact I think I began to dislike him more and more as the story progressed because it felt like he thought he was being some kind of martyr by treating the wolves as equals. He was a total douchecanoe.

I liked Dylan and his friends but there was no way they could save this for me. It just felt all over the place, it's at least 150 pages too long, the mystery plot was half assed and once I noticed that Dylan and Avery's names are mentioned 53 million times I actually couldn't concentrate on anything else.

I hate being negative in reviews and I usually prefer to say nothing at all if I've not got anything good to say, but I was excited about this and it was just terrible so I'm pissed off and I read the entire thing so I get to moan.