Him - Elle Kennedy, Sarina Bowen A really fun BR with Susan, Elsbeth, Momo and Julie.


"The best kiss of my life wasn't worth screwing up his life."

Well that was unexpected.

This was just super cute and really very enjoyable. First of all I've decided I need to read more hockey trope, cause, well I like hockey and the men I picture who play it. I also like the idea of them all smashing up against each other and being all alpha and growly. *sigh* I had another point and it's gone right out of my head now.

Wes and Jamie are adorable, I loved the established friendship but cut contact because of awkward encounter thing. The re-establishment of said friendship was nice and not overly angsty but not a walk in the park either. They are both really likable characters but Wes with the tattoos and the piercings and the mischievous nature so he could hide his real feelings just about killed me. Wes might be my favourite.

"Nothing short of dying will stop me from giving it to him. I'll give him every fucking part of myself, serve it up to him like a feast at a banquet."

This was not without its issues. For one I didn't enjoy the addition of Holly at all, but that's just cause I'm a bitch and didn't want a girl all up in Jamie's grill. What I did like about her though was she was very sweet. Sometimes the girl thrown in for drama can be a total wagon but she was rather lovely. I just felt she was just thrown in at times to create unnecessary angst/drama.

There were also way too many "O, that I were a glove upon that hand." moments for me. The first one was really sweet and I was all gushy about how adorable Wes was for being jealous of anything touching Jamie but it was overused and it just grated on me after that. To the point that I had to have a little moan about to the girls. I can't fully explain why it annoyed me so much.

But to be fair I had very little to moan about with this, it's sweet and cute and there was a scene with rain and kissing that was utterly delicious. They get their HEA and they get it without shed loads of drama but is entertaining.

"He and I are the calm eye of a friendly, familial hurricane.

And I hope the storm will never pass."

I'd love to see more MM from these two authors. Can I vote for more hockey?


For reasons.