Treasure - Kim Fielding "I've never wished so badly that I was a better man. Because if I were, I would love you more fiercely than the moon loves the sea. I would breathe your air into my lungs, I would taste you with every meal. I would tie our hearts together with unbreakable bonds."

A beautiful blonde man washes up on a beach.


I'm pretty sure you shouldn't need anymore convincing!!

But if you do.

This was ever so good. Julian and Kit were lovely and their relationship was sweet and had a nice slowish burn. The secondary characters, The Crabbottoms, were really lovely, especially Mrs Crabbottom. She is my kind of lady. The plot with the pirates was also enjoyable and lent a bit of action and excitement to proceedings. The only thing that threw me was the addition of dragons, imps, witches, mermaids and other supernatural creatures. Now I love my fantasy but these were just more or less mentioned in passing. I would have liked more world building but it is a novella and a free one at that so I couldn't expect full on world building. I for one would love to read more about Kit and Julian's adventures though and therefore get a more in dept look at their world.

A really great [b:Love Has No Boundaries Anthology: Volume 4|18632226|Love Has No Boundaries Anthology Volume 4|Jessica Freely||26426413] read. So lucky to get so many great stories for free. I should start reading more of them!

"When you read, you truly come alive," Kit said, his voice slightly husky. "All those emotions come to the surface. You're beautiful."