In Case The Daylight Never Comes

In Case The Daylight Never Comes - plume_bob WOW!!

So the beginning of this fic starts with a note. The note is:

"Season 3a canon-compliant/season 3b AU. All similarities between this fic and 3b canon are completely accidental, I swear I have people to back me up on this!"

The reason this note is important is because holy freaking crap does she come close to 3b!!


Mind. Blown.

I really liked this. A few issues but nothing really major. Adored Derek in it. I loved the touching thing and the smexy was really smexy!!


This was also really fucking creepy! I was genuinely scared on a couple of occasions. There is a scene with Allison and Stiles that was just uncalled for in the creepy department!! Classic horror movie stuff but when it's in your head that stuff makes you want to turn on all the lights!! :D