A Hunted Man

A Hunted Man - Jaime Reese "Hope.
You can fear her,
ignore her,
resent her,
but she will never abandon you
when you need her most."

Oh this was gooooood!!

Again with the wordy but I'm used to it now and I don't mind it.

Full of the dramaz this one. All of Miami is corrupt and they want rid of Cam for an absolutely absurd reason. Hunter just wants Cam. For a very good reason. :D


Hunter and Cam has the instaloves. Or maybe instalust!!

And lots of people get dead. But they are all total bad guys so that's okay.

It's over the top. It's ridiculous. And I thoroughly enjoyed it.


And top tip: Jaime Reeses' website has lots of extras like a picture of what Halfway House looks like and castings for pretty much everyone in each book. I'm a sucker for that stuff.