Knight of Ocean Avenue

Knight of Ocean Avenue - Tara Lain image

I'm unapologetically in a place where I am loving all things sweet and fluffy. After the weekend gone I'm all about hearts and flowers and this is all hearts and flowers.

Billy is a sweet gentle giant and Shaz is ballsy and fabulous and kind. Their journey was a little bumpy but it was lovely and made me all mushy.

I fear I'm going to start randomly hugging people at this stage.

"But if you never pass the test, I will love you not one tiny particle less."

Billy's lips parted on their own. Did Shaz just say he loved him? "Do you-?"

"Love you? Yes. I was marking time in my life until I met you."

Also Shaz has a very interesting way of dealing with exam stress.

I really liked the secondary characters in this, I was a bit unsure about some things. Mainly Giles' addition to the story and the aftermath, or more to the point the lack of aftermath but it didn't take away from Shaz and Billy so I'm not all that bothered.

A low level angst GFY.

Oh and 'the boys' Clancy and Yerby deserve a shout out because, HELLO, adorable!!


"What else are cats for but to leave their marks on your heart?"