Jurisdiction (Jurisdiction, #1-3)

Jurisdiction (Jurisdiction, #1-3) - elisera Three parts to this story. Two told from the sheriffs POV and one from Derek/Stiles (mostly Derek's)

Jurisdiction: Sheriffs POV. This was pretty intense and really very good. A total scumbag hurt Stiles. Which hurt my heart but also hurt John and Derek.

This story was not just about the development of Derek and Stiles' relationship but John and Derek's relationship as well. It was really lovely. I love the sheriff.

I tend not to read synopsis and I rarely if ever read the tags so I really didn't see the end coming.


I was as shocked as him.

Life With Werewolves: A Beginner's Class: A 5+1 from the sheriffs POV starting on the day Derek and Stiles break the news on pretty much everything. Poor sheriff.


This was funny and sweet and also lovely!

Life With Humans: The Stilinski Edition: A repeat of the above 5+1 but from Derek's POV for all but number 2 which is told from Stiles' POV. I loved it. There was even smexy time!!


All in all this was pretty great. My main problem was for some reason Claudia was called Amy. That really annoyed me. Had no clue who John was talking about the first couple of times he mentioned her.

As I said above I didn't read the tags or anything so I wasn't prepared for the mpreg. I'm still unsure about how I feel about mpreg. For someone who loves anything supernatural and all manner of science fiction not being able to suspend belief and just accept it is weird. Maybe I should read more so I can just get used to it. I dunno.

I didn't mind too much in this though. A few more like it and I might start getting it.