Words Alone

Words Alone - SnowshadowAO3 So I'm conflicted. I really, really, really loved this in parts and didn't at all enjoy other parts.

Relationship development? Fabulous.
Set up? Fabulous.
Feelz? Lots.
Awww moments? Lots.
Add to all that S3B plot and I should have been a very, very happy camper. And I kind of was.


Well sometimes things just dramatically progressed without any warning or build up whatsoever. I think if you didn't watch the show or if you haven't read a large amount of Sterek prior you might get a bit lost.

And the last 1/4 was strange. Derek kept referring to Stiles as a teen. Like constantly. And I know he was a teen but it was a bit weird that he kept doing it.

Also I wasn't really sure who was where and doing what at smexy time.

It was close to being lovely, unfortunate that it missed the mark near the end.

"Why didn't you ever have any furniture in your house?" Stiles asks one day, and Derek stares at his phone for a good ten minutes before he decides to reply.

"Never thought I would live long enough to use it." He doesn't realise how true the statement is until he types it.

A few minutes later, Stiles replies.

"I'm glad you did."