Adore to See Your Eyes Fly

Adore to See Your Eyes Fly - 1001cranes "He wants to be close, needs to be; sharing the same air, the same space. He's so desperate, sometimes, so greedy."

Jesus fucking christ that was disturbing.

The most disturbing thing of all?

I absolutely loved it.

No hearts and flowers here people. Just obsession, an affinity for fire, co-dependency and murderous tendencies!!

"Stiles doesn't even know how short of a leash he's on, because he never even tests it."

There is a crossing of the line bit that I was unhappy about but I kind of got over it disturbingly quickly.


What is wrong with me? Is there something wrong with me? I'm worried. You know I'm suffering from a lack of sleep right now. Maybe that's what's happening.

This is just so dark, the only light in fact is coming from the fires these two set!!

"The world is their oyster, or maybe their bundle of firewood."

You know it put me in mind of Donnie Darko for some reason.


So way, way, way dark. I think I want to read it again right this second. I may also need to talk to some kind of professional!!