(Sacred) In the Ordinary

(Sacred) In the Ordinary - Idyll
So I was really unsure about this one at the start. For two reasons.

1. John and Chris being married was just weird and it didn't work for me. At all.

2. I get that a big part of this fic was the pack feelz. All the touching and rubbing and snuggling together was fine but Scott and Stiles showering together? What the actual fuck?


Once I got over the halfway mark though I really started to enjoy it. Either I just got used to all the pack stuff or it wasn't as in your face. I'm not sure which.

I adore the fics where Derek and Stiles work as a team and communicate well. I enjoyed all their page time together, even when they were just sitting in the same room doing their own thing. This is a very slow burn but I enjoyed the wait and it never felt dragged out to me.

So I'm just going to pretend like the shower scene never happened because for serious, that shit was just all kinds of wrong.