The Interludes - Ais, Santino Hassell image

Without a doubt this one is my favourite of the series so far. While reading it I just could not get over how far both Hsin and Boyd have come. I adored Monterrey and all that happened there but I was always a little uneasy about how intense their relationship was throughout that period, mostly because as is their way the lack of communication meant that neither of them was truly sure where they stood.

I don’t think I have ever questioned the fact that these two love each other, it was always so very clear that they had something incredibly special but I think the biggest problem for them both was that neither truly understood what was expected of them. Sin had absolutely no idea how to navigate a personal relationship, he had no experience with them, and everything that Sin does in terms of human interaction seems to be guess work. Boyd also as far as I could see had very little idea on the workings of a functional relationship. (I mean seriously, look at the women who birthed him.) Lou was his only real experience and he was so young at the time that I’m not sure it can be compared to what he has with Sin, even when they both met Boyd was still so young, I do think that he needed that time apart to grow, to come into himself while not under a cloud of depression. Just like I think Sin needed that time apart from Boyd when he was being treated for his illness and living a life outside of ‘The Box’ and participating somewhat in society. They both needed each other at the start so that they could start living life but they also needed the time they spent apart so that they could discover who they really were, once that started to happen, once they were both healthy and somewhat at peace? WOW!!!

“It doesn't change that I still want him, I still want to be with him, I still feel like the fucking air has been sucked out of the room when he walks in and I still think about him all the time.”


"Sin was more important to him than anything or anyone else and he would gladly give up his life for the opportunity to try to protect and save him."

Monterrey will always be special but the time the boys spent in Vermont was just the absolute business. Vermont is my new favourite.


But it also has made me kind of sad. Sad because it really was very beautiful to witness them both away from The Agency and the pressure that is their everyday life. I’m very worried about what is to come now. I’m worried about the new administration and I’m worried about what Sin and Boyd are about to go through. The little bit of peace seemed too good to be true while it was happening and unfortunately that proved to be the case.

”He wanted to say something more. That he wouldn't have wanted to spend the time any other way. That whatever else he'd have been doing didn't matter. That Boyd meant more to him than anything else in existence. That Sin never wanted him to leave the bed. That he never wanted to let him go into the uncertainties of tomorrow.”


"Things never work out for us. It's always the calm before the storm. Maybe it will always be this way until we finally fucking die in this place."

Outside forces have always caused these two the most pain and as long as they can weather the storms that those forces bring I think that they will be okay. I’m just not looking forward to those storms though. I’m terrified if I’m honest.

The Interludes also brought us the force of nature that is Emilio Vega. Emilio is just one of the most amazing characters I have ever come across.


No matter what way I look at it I’m pretty sure that I should hate him but I just couldn’t. In fact I’m pretty sure I’m in love with him. Boyd and Kassian actually discussed the Emilio effect.

"I don't understand it. I hated him before I met him because of what I thought he'd done to Hsin. I love Hsin; I'll always side with him. Yet when I met Emilio it was hard to hate him the way I had before. He's come onto me a few times, even twice bringing up a ridiculous idea of a threesome with Hsin--"

He shook his head to himself and made a face.

"You'd think I'd dismiss it entirely like I would with anyone else but something about that damn man makes the question stick in the back of my head. I tell myself I'm only intrigued because he looks so much like Hsin but who knows, maybe it's just his charm."

"It's got to be," Kassian muttered, looking irritated by it. "Bastard."

That charm hops off the page it really does. No matter what fucked up or crazy shit he does I found myself forgiving him. There is an incident with Carhart that was just not okay and I ended up feeling sorry for him at the end of it all. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? It’s absolute madness. I will say one thing though, I agree with him on one point. Carhart is totally messing with his head.

”You even have commitment issues with criminal activities”

Yet again at the end of The Interludes I have no answers. Yet again I have only questions. I know I’m in for some pain. I know the next 1200 pages are going to be a rollercoaster. But I do think that at the end, the people who need to know will know that: