Tiny Houses

Tiny Houses - ohmyjetsabel image

I really, really liked this.

So here is the thing, I just can't wrap my head around mpreg. It should be a lot easier for me to suspend belief given the genres I read but for some reason mpreg is the hardest of all the things for me to accept. The beauty of this fic is that Stiles feels the very same way. This is not all heart and flowers and 'Yay, I'm gonna have a baby!'. This is some fucked up magic that causes non-con sex for both boys followed by 'Get this thing the fuck out of me!'. That made sense to me and because of that all that followed really made sense to me.

This wasn't actually as angsty as I thought it was going to be. It was dark but it wasn't in your face trying to slap you up the side of the head with all the feelz all of the time. Stiles and Derek's lack of communication was kind of frustrating but I got why that lack was there and seeing all the bonds form was very lovely, even when it was sad. Like that first moment between Stiles and Lillian, which was amazing.

Again, I really enjoyed it. Tragic and hopeful.