Infected: Prey

Infected: Prey - Andrea Speed

This be me right now!!

I'm a very happy kitty lover!!

I absofuckinglutely loved this book. I've kind of been putting off reading this for a while. There is one very big reason and lots of little ones but now all I keep thinking is that I'm a total moron and should start putting on my big girl pants more and read the things I know are going to hurt but are probably going to be awesome. I say this every time I read something that I love that I have been putting off because of potential hurtz but this time I mean it dammit!!


One of the things that kind of put me off was that I had heard there was a distinct lack of romance in this. Roan and Paris are an established couple and there is no, I repeat no, smexy times at all in it. But here is the thing, I've learned that smexy time does not equal romance and the 'meet cute' and blossoming relationship does not equal romance. I personally thought that these two were two of the sweetest most romantic couples I've read. They were so adorable and their love for each other was clear to see. They were just lovely without being sickly about it.

"You are so funny. You do know I love you more than I've ever loved anyone, right? Well, admittedly, I never really loved anyone before, but saying that blunts the impact. I know you've got the whole hard-boiled detective thing going on, but I know what you're really like. I know that under all that armor you're the most decent man I've ever met. You're my hero."

Before I discovered mm one of my most read and most favourite genres was Urban Fantasy. This is out and out Urban Fantasy and it is the business. The world building, the cases, all of the characters, I'm hooked. Roan has the potential to totally turn my world upside down and I've decided to let him.

"I'm the king of fucking cats. I'm the alpha male."


"I wonder if I wanted you, or if it wanted the tiger."


"I've just wanted to believe I was more than a virus, but I don't think I can deny it anymore. I am my disease; I'm not sure I'm all that human."

I'm in the middle of a reading challenge but as soon as I'm done [b:Infected: Paris|20895684|Infected Paris (Infected, #0.5)|Andrea Speed||40238924] is next followed by [b:Infected: Bloodlines|23420503|Infected Bloodlines (Infected, #2)|Andrea Speed||14537115]. I may need some form of therapy after that.