The Werewolf Who Built his House of Brick

The Werewolf Who Built his House of Brick - Ionaonie I can't even with how cute this is.

I'm in a very 'I LOVE STEREK SO MUCH' place right now and this is responsible.

I was really on board with the whole premise. What would happen if Scott had been the one to kill Peter and therefore was no longer a werewolf? I mean the possibilities are endless and this for me was a really wonderful possibility. Stiles is so adorably sweet and kind and Derek begins to learn to trust and just... Ugh... So SWEET!!!!

Derek is responsible and lovely and a very good boy (who lets not forget was taken advantage of by bitch Kate while under-age) so wants to wait until Stiles is 18, so only kissing, but it was so lovely kissing. The best kissing.