Promise You'll Look After Him

Promise You'll Look After Him - DiscontentedWinter image


Ugh, Lisa Henry is a meanie. (That's not true.)

She tried to rip out my heart for funsies. (I hope that's not true.)

She is a sorcerer or a warlock or a witch or something. (That might be true.)

Second person POV kind of freaks me out and sometimes hurts my head, this totally worked and I wasn't confused or annoyed once.

I love Sheriff Stilinski, he is one of my favourite characters in the show and I love his and Stiles relationship.

"He's sixteen. He's allowed to be confused about his sexuality, but he's not allowed to be ashamed of it."

I loved getting to see Claudia. She is amazing in this.

This was a hard read but it was amazing. Even if you are not a Sterek fan this is worth reading. Fair warning though. It's gonna hurt.

"This morning he was loud and brash and a smartass. This morning he thought he could take on the world. Tonight the world crushed him, and it's crushed you as well."


Stunning. Just stunning.