Artifice - Alex Woolfson, Winona Nelson This was so good. Amazing story and outstanding art work.

I adored Deacon and Jeff and was really rooting for them to get their HEA.

"I just don't know why they would design you to feel anything for anybody!"

"You aren't just anybody.
You're Jeff.
My Jeff."


Dr. Maven was a total wagon. Absolutely hated her. Exactly what you want in a villain.

I actually liked how it ended, I suppose some would call it a cliffhanger but I kind of agree with the creator in that it would have been just more of Deacon being crazy awesome. I have no doubt that Deacon and Jeff get their HEA.

I did come across this though and while I say I was happy with the ending, this made me very happy.

I bought the kindle version of this, some really interesting authors extras at the end like where the author got the idea originally and the process of creating a comic which was really interesting.

There was also input from the artist and her process.

And on that note I think the cover needs to be mentioned. It's stunning.

Certainly worth a read and I will be checking out more of Alex Woolfson and Winona Nelson's work.