Threshold - Jordan L. Hawk 5 blinding stars.

Okay. Let us be serious for a moment.

All reservations I may have had about this series are now gone bye, bye.

I absolutely loved this book. It is over the top, the word ‘member’ still appears and Whyborne is still very, very proper.

But it all works so brilliantly and I wouldn’t want a single thing to change. I certainly don’t EVER want Whyborne to change. His inner monologues were just the absolute shit and he was hilarious. Whyborne definitely wouldn’t think he is being hilarious but trust me, he is laugh out loud, reread that sentence funny.

A few things happened while I was reading this book. The first and most notable thing being that I fell madly in love with Whyborne. Secondly I fell madly in love with Christine and lastly I fell more in love with Griffin.

The very moment Christine arrived on page in the first book I knew I was going to like her but in this book she just kicked ass. Every time she spoke it was quotable. She is a take no shit women and in this era that makes her a frigging superhero. ‘Threshold’ has become only the third m/m book to find its way on to my ‘heroines I love’ shelf. Out of over 140 books only three books have introduced a female character that is kick ass and awesome. Christine is a tough lady

"Have you quite made up?" Christine asked cheerfully.

Heat scalded my face. "Christine!"

"What? It was a simple question. I hope the answer is yes. It's very tiring when one's friends are quarrelling."

The tension eased slightly from Griffin's mouth as a smile quirked his lips. "I'm sure it was trying for you."

"Quite. Do try not to be so thoughtless in the future."

She is however mostly bluster and beneath that tough exterior is a gooey centre.

"If we cannot find models in our past, we must try to build a future where they can exist, and devil take anyone who tries to tell us we can't.”

I really do want to be more Christine like. People would not give me shit if I was more Christine like.

The case that takes Whyborne, Griffin and Christine to Threshold Mountain is a very strange one. What should be kept in mind with this series is that as well as a historical and a romance it is also a paranormal and by Christ does it get paranormal. And actually it’s a bit paranormal horror truth be told. Sure you need to totally suspend belief but that’s what you have to do with fantasy, that’s why I read fantasy. I got Frankenstein vibes mixed with B- movie horror. It was awesome.

Of course we also get the yumminess of Whyborne and Griffin and as is only proper we also get some relationship drama, this drama helped us learn more about Griffin’s past which I have no doubt is going to play a large part in the next book and I think it helped us learn more about them both as a couple. A jealous Whyborne is also a sight to behold and when he gets dominant? Bloody hell!!

"I won't share you, you know," I told him breathlessly. "For as long as we're together, you're mine alone. You won't touch anyone else, not like this."

(That gif is filthy without actually being filthy, there was absolutely no chance I wasn’t going to use it and you should expect to see it again.)

I’m going to end on a proper serious note. One of the things I loved about this book was the information about the mines. Jordan L. Hawk paints a very graphic picture of Threshold and by doing so gives you a glimpse at what a truly hard life the people in these towns lived. Whyborne says it best:

"What awful, awful work. I couldn't imagine spending ten hours a day, six days a week, in this claustrophobic place, unable to stand up straight and with the weight of the mountain bearing down on me. Let alone the actual strain of the labor involved."