Eidolon - Jordan L. Hawk This is Griffin's POV and well Griffin is awesome so therefore this is awesome but should you wish to know more please continue.

Some things I have noted that may be of interest:

1. Whyborne is not the only one who thinks he is not worthy of love. Griffin also has some concerns.

2. Griffin seems to have sown a few wild oats in his day.

"I'd been with a great many men, from ugly to stunningly handsome, and fancied I'd fucked just about every type of body possible."

3. Griffin is way romantic when it comes to Whyborne and seeing Whyborne through his eyes was lovely.

4. There are some people in Griffin's past who are not at all on my good side. I suspect they will make an appearance in future books and I for one hope that they either get punched in the throat or eaten by something really nasty. And smelly.

5. Even though I'm not really sure what was going on with the case it was still creepy

6. Griffin and Whyborne are HAWT together!!

A great short. More Griffin please!! :D