Soaring - Kristen Ashley “There is nothing guaranteed in life. But the only leaps really worth taking are leaps on faith on love. So look where you leap, beautiful, and happy landing.”


Classic KA.

Is it perfect? No. No it is not.

Did it give me the warm fuzzies and just make me so very happy? Yes. Yes times a million.

Kristen Ashley has not been a favourite of late and it’s made me very sad because she used to be my book version of crack. I loved 'The Will' but was unhappy with some other stuff and I actually went into denial and tried to convince myself that I really did like them but as a result found myself avoiding new releases. I’m so glad I read this. I’m loving this series and I wish that there was more than one book left in it. Surly there is the potential for at least another 3?

This has everything Kristen Ashley. Overbearing hot alpha hero, downtrodden but finding herself heroine. Super emotional upheaval with eventual HEA. Family drama. Fabulous cloths and my new house was also practically a main character. So nice of her to use it and she described it beautifully.



Mickey annoyed the heart and soul out of me at times, mainly in regards to the ‘drama’ he needed to create about Amy’s money. This has been an issue for many a KA male. It causes so much eye rolling that it’s almost headache inducing. Luckily Mickey is of Irish descent so as is usual I have no choice but to forgive his ridiculousness.

“The mistakes we make in life don’t define us, Amy. The way we handle ’em after makin’ ’em do.”

Amelia was, for me, perfect. I absolutely loved her. Did she make mistakes? Sure. Lots of them in fact, but she totally owned those mistakes and did her best to make up for them. Seeing her find herself and put that inner strength into action was great. She may have jumped the gun once or twice but I’m going to completely ignore those moments because I loved her.

”And as time wore on, I found it was astonishingly easy to pick up the pieces. All you had to do was sit in a chair…

And have good women as company.”

The one thing I didn’t enjoy in this were the kids, which is unusual for me when it comes to KA. Usually I love those secondary stories but it just didn’t work for me. First off Amelia’s kids were absolutely and unforgivably horrid. Their treatment of their mother was totally unjustified and went on for far too long and the ‘oh they are treating you properly again so it’s alright now’ attitude was not alright.

I also didn’t enjoy they whole Thanksgiving saga. It felt unnecessary and something about the Aisling situation just didn’t sit well with me.

All in all though I enjoyed this and I’m feeling very excited about the next book. We get a tiny glimpse of Coert and his love interest, she seems like the type of lady who will not take any shit, I can’t wait to meet her properly!!

I now have an overwhelming desire to start a KA reread marathon.